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Hi, this is Naveed and I’m here with Sam Adodra from
Naveed: Hi Sam, can you tell me a bit more about yourself?
Sam: I’ve been working in corporate and marketing for a number of years now. That’s my background. Right now I’m specialising in online marketing and in particular, SEO. SEO is search engine optimisation.

What Is SEO?

Naveed: Can you explain a bit more about what SEO is?
Sam: Sure. SEO is basically helping businesses or inviduals to rank their website higher in google. This means they get more online traffic which is more visitors to their website. So the higher they are in google, the more visitors they will get, more leads and more customers.

Online Marketing Strategies For A Business

Naveed: So if a business wants to improve their online marketing, what else would you recommend?
Sam: Ok, there’s a few different things that businesses can adopt, a few different strategies. The first thing that I would recommend, apart from doing the SEO, is building social media profiles. So a Facebook fan page for the business, a Twitter account, a Google Plus account and if you’re targeting corporate then you definitely want to have a LinkedIn profile.
The other thing that you can do, is if you are creating content on your website, for example if you have a blog, you should be sharing that content across your social media platforms. This will help to increase the reach of your audience and also help with user engagement.

Internet Marketing Services

Naveed: Wow, some really good tips there. How can someone get in touch with you if they want to find out more about your services and what you can do for them?
Sam: Ok so the main service that we provide obviously is the SEO. We also provide mobile website services and this is basically optimising a business’ website for a mobile device. There were a lot of websites out there which were built in flash or are simply hard to navigate so we create a mobile friendly version of that business’ website.
The other service that we provide is video marketing so helping a business to increase their user engagement by uploading that video to youtube and getting it ranked. This is a part of our SEO service too.

Contact Details

If someone wants to get in touch with us then they can contact us by email at or we have a 24 hour telephone number which is 020 8938 3645
Naveed: Excellent, thank you very much.
Sam: Thank you very much Naveed, cheers.
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The Best Online Marketer In London