Introduction – A 3 Step Process For Your Reputation

Online Reputation Management (ORM) has changed considerably in the past couple of years. In today’s reputation focussed economy removing or pushing down negative reviews is no longer enough.

Customers are increasingly savvy and will actively research your business online before they purchase your products or services.
Here at ImageShield we provide a 3 step process to actively manage your reputation:

1. Online Reputation Management Services

– The first stage deals with your negative reviews.

2. Build Positive Reviews

– In stage two we build you a 5 Star reputation to help your business stand out.

3. Position You As The Authority

– In the third stage we leverage your new 5 Star reputation across a variety of platforms
to position you as the leader in your industry.

This results in what academics and experts refer to as ‘Inbound Marketing’. Clients will approach
you and this means that you’ll be able in a better position to command higher prices.
Sound good?

      —> Welcome to the power of Reputation Marketing from ImageShield