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Brand Protection


1. If You’re Not On Google… You’re No One


Who Are You?

With access to information at people’s finger tips, is it any surprise that companies are being more selective before they hire new employees?
Employers now actively look at the profiles of candidates on social media sites such as Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter and also on the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo before they invite you for interview.
No company wants to be associated with someone that has “bad press” so investigating the reputation of prospective staff is now a part of the normal vetting process.
Facebook and other social sites are known to be laid back, and they’re a place where members let their virtual hair down. People give details about their relationships, their drug and alcohol histories and air their problems openly without thinking about who might be reading the site.

2. Past History


A look back at all of your posts at public websites is probably not a pretty sight.
–> Online reputation management can remove any history that makes you look abusive, reckless or worse to prospective employers.
You may think that your conduct as a businessperson has been sterling, but what if your customers don’t agree?
Your reputation and your business could be destroyed in minutes. The number of gripe and online review sites has multiplied. Customers no longer wait to get home and sit in front of a PC, they post straight away from mobile phones.

3. Bogus Reviews


“No, That Can’t Be True”

Ex-employees, dissatisfied customers, rivals and competitors.
What do they have in common?
–> They’ve all been known to post bogus reviews online to smear the reputation of companies.
The reason? Usually for revenge or to gain an upper hand in business.

4. Relationships


Not everybody who chooses online reputation management does so for business purposes. When people date, it’s normal and expected for a new dating partner to “Google” the other person to see what comes up.
An embarrassing personal history that’s very public could easily put a swift end to a new relationship.

People that enter politics and other areas of public life are advised to clean up their online history by using online reputation management services.
There’s nothing like years of work building a coalition and a positive reputation — only to see it dashed in hours by a scandalous picture or an embarrassing quote from years ago.

5. Salvage Your Reputation


Our professional staff at ImageShield will salvage your online reputation and repair the damage from negative reports.
Remember, customers are increasingly savvy and they will visit review sites before conducting business with you.
–> This makes vigilant online reputation management a service you can NOT afford to neglect.

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