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To help us create your video we need the following details:


1. Choice Of Video

Eg. Brand Domination 1 (Click here to see the SEO & Video Services Page. We recommend opening the page in a new tab).


2. The Following Text

1.   Your company name
2.   Your company website
3.   Any additional text that you would like in the video, in the order that you would like it to appear
–>   Re-watch your chosen video carefully before you provide us with this information.
4.   Your contact number and/or email address
5.   Any additional information to include eg. business address
Each video is different in length so let us what text is priority for you.


3. Images For Your Video

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that you own the rights to any images that you supply us with.
If your images are hosted on the web, you can provide us with the direct url link from your website, flickr account or amazon s3 account. Alternatively you can email them to in .zip format.
If your images are very large we recommend using
Their service is free. Simply create an account and enter as the transfer destination.


IMPORTANT: Send your information to
Enclose your paypal transaction ID so that we can identify you quickly.




Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the expected turn around time?
–>  Once we have all of your information, we aim to have your video ready within 5 working days.
2. What format will my video be in?
–>  Your web optimised video will arrive in mp4 format. This format is the best for high quality, low buffering.
3. Where can I get royalty free images from?
–>   There are many sites where you can purchase images for your video. We recommend




Thank you for choosing the Professional Video service.
We are confident that you will be delighted with the result.